First time with us?


Our Sunday worship service starts at 9:30 AM at 4685 Alder Cove Rd. West. Tillamook, OR.

We will do our best to make you feel welcomed and at home. You’ll find that we are a relaxed group of people. There’s no dress code, so just wear whatever will help you feel comfortable. We have a wheel chair ramp for both floors of our building. Let us know how we can accommodate any special needs you may have. For the hearing impaired, personal headphones are available. For more information about what is provided for kids and youth, please see the Kids & Youth page. A nursery and Children’s program are available during the worship service.

Our music teams rotate, so depending on who is leading our time of singing you will hear a mix of different songs, hymns and musical styles. A typical Sunday includes a sermon shared by our pastor, Aaron Carlson. 

What’s different about us?

Towards the end of our worship service, we have a time of silence that we call “Open Worship” or “Silent Worship”. We live in a world that is full or noise, commotion, and voices clamoring for our attention. Even a worship service can be filled up with “noise”. You could leave feeling like you never really slowed down internally to simply BE, to listen deeply to what God is speaking to you, and to ACCEPT what is given. 

It might feel weird at first to sit in a room with a group of people for a few minutes in silence, but we think it will grow on you. That’s why we intentionally include a few minutes of silence in each of our worship services. In fact, this time of silent listening for God has become something that many people begin to crave and practice on their own.  

Around the Table

Not only do we value time spent in silence listening to God. We value hearing one another. We think this is so important that we have incorporated a time for this into our Sunday worship service. Part of our rhythm each Sunday is to grab coffee (or tea) and a snack and sit down in circles to talk with one another. 

This time is facilitated with discussion questions and is created to be a safe time for all to share. Nobody is forced to share. If you want to simply sit and listen, that’s OK. It isn’t a time to debate ideas. We don’t demand uniform thinking. It is simply a time to process with one another about life, Scripture, and the world. It’s a time to hear how other people are processing. As we do this, we grow in relationship and we gain encouragement, challenges, and insights from one another. 

We recognize that some people are uncomfortable with something like this. If that’s you, that is OK. You can grab a cup of coffee at the break and then simply head home. We get it. But, we hope that you’ll eventually feel safe and welcome enough to stick around to see how valuable this time together is.  

Our Around the Table time always wraps up at 11:30 AM. That’s when our Children’s programs wrap up as well. Many people stick around even later to chat and you are welcome to do that.  

Questions about what we believe?

Netarts Friends Church has its roots in the Quaker tradition which falls within the much wider history of orthodox Christianity. We maintain a connection with the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Churches. See the bottom of this page for a link, where our Core Values and Mission, and Faith and Practice can be found. 

With that said, the people of Netarts Friends Church come from a variety of backgrounds, and we find joy in following Jesus together. In this way, many have said we feel more like a community church.


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