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Netarts Friends Church is a gathering of Jesus people on the Oregon Coast.

We live, work, and play in the communities scattered up and down the coast. We are a diverse group who come from a variety of backgrounds and Christian denominations.

Perhaps you wouldn’t call yourself a “Jesus person”? Perhaps you’ve been burned by some form of organized religion? Perhaps you have more questions and doubts than answers about Jesus. Perhaps you are seeking something hopeful and transcendent, but you aren’t even sure what. Perhaps you just moved into the area and are looking for a group of people who you can call family. Whatever the case, we want to provide you a safe place to be, to explore, to process, to ask, and to consider Jesus.


The people of Netarts Friends Church are welcoming because Jesus was welcoming. He crossed borders. He ate with anyone and everyone. Jesus met every single person where they were at and invited them to deeper faith. Jesus always extends his love to us before we have made a single move towards him. We intend our welcoming presence to be an extension of the presence of Jesus.


The people of Netarts Friends Church yearn for Jesus because life has too many questions, too much pain, and too much struggle. We yearn for the Jesus who makes meaning of our struggle. We yearn for the Jesus who shows us the true way to be human. We yearn for the Jesus who makes it possible for us to change, to do something new, and to see God’s will happen on earth. This is how we worship Jesus with our lives.


The people of Netarts Friends Church share because Jesus lived his entire life in an open handed way. The best parts of the history of Jesus followers is a history of generosity. We want to be people who care for the less fortunate. We want to use the resources, abilities, and gifts we have been given to show God’s goodness to others.