Current Sermon Series: “Gospel of Luke”

The Living Voice (9/03/23)

Introduction to Gospel of Luke series. Part 1.

When Life’s High Points and Inner Emptiness Collide (9/10/23)

Part 2

The Annunciation: When You Need Someone in Your Corner (9/17/23)

Part 3

The Song Jesus (Probably) Fell Asleep to Over and Over (9/24/23)

Part 4

Healing Our Relationship with Control (10/08/23)

Part 5

“Coincidence??? What to Do When Your Spiritual Experiences Just Don’t Make Sense” (10/15/23)

Part 6

Missing Person: Jesus (10/22/23)

Part 7

Rethinking Your Entitlement (11/5/23)

Part 8

The Question Underneath Every Identity Question (11/19/23)

Part 9

Testing, Temptation, Or Natural Causes? (12/3/23)

Part 10

Wishing You Could Change People (12/10/23)

Part 11

The Illusion of Security Is What Makes You the Most Vulnerable (12/17/23)

Part 12

Apologies You Need but Might Not Ever Receive (1/7/23)

When You Can’t Find the Help That You Need in Yourself (01/21/24)

Part 14

Escape Reality or Control Reality??? (2/4/24)

Part 15

Jesus says, “Follow Me.” … We say, “What Do You Mean?” (2/11/24)

Part 16

“Lepers” in My Neighborhood??? (2/18/24)

Part 17

“Meaning Well, but Making a Complete Mess”

Part 18

Doing What Feels Inevitable…Unless…(4/21/24)

Luke Series Part 19

Who Gets to Say What Scripture Means?

Luke Series Part 20

Prayer & Choosing (05/12/24)

Part 21

When We Come to God We Come as Far as We* Can (5/19/24)

Part 22

Love Your Enemies (6/2/24)

Part 23

Transactional Love is Bankrupt (06/09/24)

Part 24

Do Not Judge (07/07/24)

Part 25

Things You Store Up Inside (07/14/24)

Part 26

The Storms That Knock You Down (07/21/24)

Part 27