Below you will find sermons and songs connecting with real life experiences, and God’s presence meeting us wherever we are. Also, check out our Spiritual Exercises page for ideas of healthy spiritual rhythms you might incorporate into your life.

The Separations That Touch Us All (6/13/21)

This is Part Two in our “First Families” series. Genesis 16 & 21.

What’s Underneath This Emotion? (6/6/21)

Why refusing to look deeper can be destructive, and how God meets us in our emotional turmoil. Genesis 1-4 (Part 1 in our short “First Families” series for the month of June).

My 5th Grade Nightmare “Hades” (5/23/21)

Part 10 (Parables Series): Luke 16:19-31

“Real Love vs. I Owe You”

This is Part Nine in our Parables Series. Luke 16.

“You Lost Me”

This is what many people are saying about institutional religion. See how Jesus responds. This is Part Eight in our Parables Series. Luke 15

When You Don’t Like Your Own Life Story

Luke 19

You’re Here, But Not With Me

This is Part Seven in our Parables Series: Luke 14.

Easter Sunday (4/4/21)

Our Easter celebration was an in-person event only this year. Our church family shared a “Resurrection Hints Show & Tell”. Sorry we don’t have a video of it to offer. It was special!

The Things That Make for Peace (3/28/21)

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God the Manure Spreader (3/21/21)

Part Six in Parables Series: Luke 13:1-9

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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry (3/14/21)

Part Five in Parables Series: Luke 12:13-34

Not My Problem (3/7/21)

Part Four in Parables Series: Luke 10:25-37

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Seeing Only One Thing (2/28/21)

Part Three in Parables Series: Luke 7:36-50

Have you ever had people see only one thing about you? They judge you wrongly. They don’t see the complexity. They don’t see what you have to offer.

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Don’t Give Up (2/21/21)

This is part two in our Parables Series: Luke 18:1-8

The Parable of the Empty Cupboards (2/14/21)

Part One in Parables Series: Luke 11:5-13

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Food Memories (2/7/21)

January of 2021 we did a Spiritual Exercises series.

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Terry LeBlanc: First Nations Culture & Christianity (1/3/21)

Happy New Year! This is our second Sunday of listening to voices from the wider church. Terry is Mi’kmaq / Acadian. His resume is long, so we’ll start with a detail you may be familiar with. Terry has served as adjunct professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is the founding chair of North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies. Terry has taught in many colleges and universities, and is an author. He has spent 38 years working with native North Americans and in global Indigenous contexts as an educator in theology, cultural anthropology, and community development.

In this sermon, Terry addresses the pain that Christians caused through the historic residency schools of the reservations of Canada and the United States. Many first nations children were stripped of tribe, family, language, their sacred hair, and even their given names. Some children grew up in residency schools thinking that their given name was a number. Terry’s is a voice of reconciliation to this painful history.

Historic Sermon: The Last Sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (12/27/20)

We are taking a few Sundays to listen to important voices from the wider church. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached this last Sunday sermon on March 31,1968. This sermon is not only historic, MLK’s words are just as relevant and necessary today as in 1968. You will notice that parts of this video has images that have been added in. Because of copyright laws those images have not been removed. The video has been shared here, as is.

Christmas Sunday: Dirty Roots, Part Three (12/20/20)

Here’s Part Three in our Dirty Roots series. If you haven’t watched Part One & Two, that’s the best place to start. Merry Christmas!

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Advent Series: Dirty Roots, Part Two (12/13/20)

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Advent Series: Dirty Roots, Part One (12/6/20)

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Thanksgiving 2020 Worship: (11/29/20)

This one is titled “Enough”. Thank you to everyone in the Netarts Friends Church family who participated!

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Eight (11/22/20)

“God’s Wounded Love”. This one tackles everyone’s favorite subject: God’s Wrath. Simply reading that topic could be enough to cause some people to skip this one. Please give Jesus a chance.

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Seven (11/15/20)

“At the End of Yourself”. What do you do when you’ve come to the end of your rope? You’ve played your last card. You can’t hack it. Can’t fix it. What then?

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Six (11/8/2020)

“A Tale of Six Daughters”. When we go through experiences of suffering, how do we change?

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Five (11/1/2020)

“Whose Teeth?” Fair warning. This one is the “weirdest” one in this series. This one will make the most sense if you’ve watched the previous ones in this series.

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Four (10/25/20)

“God & Chaos: When Life Gets Smudged”. Sometimes we experience suffering in a way that feels very arbitrary. We ask, “God was this really your plan? Was this your best for my life?” Have you ever felt that way?

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Perspectives on Suffering: Part Three (10/18/20)

“Straight Talk.” This one asks the question, “Do I have permission to shake my fist at God?” Do you dare to speak your unfiltered feelings to God?

Want to use audio only so that you can plug in the headphones and do the dishes or mow the lawn? Click below. “Straight Talk.”

Perspectives on Suffering: Part Two (10/11/20)

This one wrestles with the question, “Is Job to blame for his suffering?” Make sure to watch Part One first (scroll down).

Perspectives on Suffering: Part One (10/4/20)

In case you missed it, here’s the introduction to our new series “Perspectives on Suffering”. Watching this one will help you track with the rest of the series. This one explores the prologue of Job and starts wrestling with the question, “Does God have to sign off on every bad thing that happens on planet earth. If so, what kind of God must that be?”

Sabbath (8/16/20)

This is our second Sunday to listen to important voices of others. What A.J. Swoboda has to say about Sabbath is crucial, insightful, and will cause you to chuckle.

A.J. is a fascinating person, a graduate of George Fox Seminary and a PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK). His research was on the never ending relationship between the Holy Spirit and ecology (the environment).

He’s local. He makes his home in Eugene, OR. He has served as pastor and leader at numerous churches in Oregon, and as the campus pastor of the University of Oregon. He serves(ed) as professor at Bushnell University, Fuller Seminary, Northwest Christian University, Kilns College, and George Fox Seminary. He’s the author of numerous books. Enjoy!

The Woman at the Well (8/9/20)

Hello friends. We are taking a couple Sundays to hear from other important voices. This sermon is from Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. Brenda is Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies at Seattle Pacific University, and the Associate Pastor of Preaching and Reconciliation at Quest Church in Seattle. Brenda is an important voice to keep listening to in this time of racial tension, and what she has to say about Jesus in this sermon is very important!

Too Much But Never Enough (8/2/20)

This video explores the seducing power of mammon in our lives.

Praying With Your Body (7/26/20)

We are finally back to the Sermon on the Mount! Enjoy!

God is like … (7/19/20)

This video looks at how metaphors help us connect with God. Get ready to see familiar faces from the NFC family!

Racial Reconciliation: Part Three (7/12/20)

Please make sure you have already taken the time to watch and chew on Parts One and Two before watching Part Three. See below for the previous videos.

Racial Reconciliation: Part Two (7/5/12)

Here’s Part Two! You don’t have to wait until next Sunday. Go ahead an watch this one now! Please make sure you have already watched Part One. This short history of systemic racism is a very brief introduction to the pain that systemic racism has caused in our world. This video is by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.

Racial Reconciliation: Part One (7/5/12)

This is part one of a three part series. Please make sure to watch them in sequence, and take the time necessary to meditate and pray through the material. Part 2 and 3 coming soon!

Soaking in the Sermon on the Mount (Part Two) 6/28/20

Soaking in the Sermon on the Mount (Part One) 6/18/2020

Scapegoats & the Image of God (6/14/20)

With One Voice (6/7/20)

Facing New Chapters in Life (5/31/20)

You don’t want to miss this one! This is a celebration of the collective wisdom of Netarts Friends Church.

Broken & Bruised (5/21/20)

Look at what everyone is going through. This is a hopeful reflection on two images from the Gospel of Matthew.

“My Parents Messed Me Up”…said nearly everyone. (5/10/20)

This one isn’t a slam on parents, rather it deals honestly with the complicated nature of our experiences as parents and children through the lens of God’s love.

Worship Songs from Jeff Sargent (5/4/20)

Listening Well…What’s That? (4/23/20)

This “Sunday-Not-A-Sermon” includes a game, so get ready!

Psalm 139 Mash-Up (4/18/20)

Your next “Sunday-Not- A-Sermon” includes input from many of you! Thank you to all who participated! Gather your family or call a friend, watch together, pause the video, discuss, and enjoy!

Want to watch the Psalm 139 Mash-Up over and over? Here it is below!

Easter Songs from Andrew & Bobi (4/12/2020)

Easter Video: Endings & Beginnings

For further reading on this topic:

The J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life by Paul E. Miller.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero.

Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero.

Emotionally Healthy Spiritualityby Peter Scazzero.

Praying Our Goodbyes by Joyce Rupp.

Palm Sunday: Rosa, Miguel, & Arturo (4/5/20)

This one is an interactive story video! Gather with your family, or call a friend and watch this interactive video. Pause it. Have the conversations. Do the activities. Enjoy!

Don’t Go Feral (4/2/20)

Enjoy this one!

“Work” (3/29/20)

You know….that thing you spend the bulk of your waking hours doing. Some of us have no work right now. Some of us have loads of work right now. Gather with your family, or call a friend and watch this interactive video. Pause it. Have the conversations. Do the activities. Enjoy!

NFC Survey 2020 Results (3/24/20)

I had planned on sharing these in person with you all, but given the circumstances I am sharing these results online. Here is a short synopsis of the feedback we received from our survey. Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback. It was very helpful!

Interactive Bible Video (3/21/20)

This is your Sunday “Not-A-Sermon”. Gather with the people in your home, or call a friend to watch along with you. Watch, participate, and enjoy!

Songs from Andrew and Bobi (3/21/20)

A note from Andrew and Bobi: “Here are a couple of songs that we recorded. The songs are Beautiful by Phil Wickham and No Longer Slaves by Bethel. Our thoughts for these songs is that even during a time such as this, we have a lot of opportunity to be reminded of God’s goodness through the beauty of nature and remembering that although there is mass hysteria in our world, we are not slaves to that fear. God is ultimately in control of everything and we are loved by him.”

Resting in God During Uncertain Times: Centering Prayer (March 17, 2020)

Being Disciples of Jesus During COVID-19. (March 15, 2020)