Worship Resources During COVID-19.

 While we are unable to meet with one another, this is the page to visit! Below you will find a series of videos and songs that offer you helpful ways to pray, think, act, and worship while we live in the midst of COVID-19.

Please check back regularly for more videos and audio!

“Work” (3/29/20)

You know….that thing you spend the bulk of your waking hours doing. Some of us have no work right now. Some of us have loads of work right now. Gather with your family, or call a friend and watch this interactive video. Pause it. Have the conversations. Do the activities. Enjoy!

NFC Survey 2020 Results (3/24/20)

I had planned on sharing these in person with you all, but given the circumstances I am sharing these results online. Here is a short synopsis of the feedback we received from our survey. Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback. It was very helpful!

Interactive Bible Video (3/21/20)

This is your Sunday “Not-A-Sermon”. Gather with the people in your home, or call a friend to watch along with you. Watch, participate, and enjoy!

Songs from Andrew and Bobi (3/21/20)

A note from Andrew and Bobi: “Here are a couple of songs that we recorded. The songs are Beautiful by Phil Wickham and No Longer Slaves by Bethel. Our thoughts for these songs is that even during a time such as this, we have a lot of opportunity to be reminded of God’s goodness through the beauty of nature and remembering that although there is mass hysteria in our world, we are not slaves to that fear. God is ultimately in control of everything and we are loved by him.”

Resting in God During Uncertain Times: Centering Prayer (March 17, 2020)

Being Disciples of Jesus During COVID-19. (March 15, 2020)