Body Life Series

The “Body Life” series was unique. More than a sermon series, this series was an in-person event. It consisted of in-person congregational activities and in-person interviews that happened at our worship gatherings. It was difficult to capture a recorded version that could be shared here. There were a few short “sermonettes” as part of this series, and that is what you will find below.

Body Life Introduction (2/13/22)

We live in a world that is NOT organized around sharing resources. Our world is organized around ownership, consumerism, and individualism. Asking one another for help creates all kinds of feelings of insecurity. In this episode you’ll hear about how we are going about becoming a community that actually shares our resources with one another regularly.

Meeting People Where They Are (2/27/22)

J.R. Briggs tells the story of canoeing around a lake and noticing that none of the docks even reached the water’s edge. The water levels had changed. Sometimes the body of Christ is far too much like those old docks, rigid and not meeting anyone where they are. What does it mean to be the body of Christ in the changing water levels of today’s culture?

What if I’m Bad at Personal Evangelism? (3/6/22)

Most people I know aren’t very good at personal evangelism. In addition, they’ve seen evangelism done in some really ugly ways. Put it all together and there are lots of Christians who steer clear of evangelism and even more non-Christians who steer clear of evangelists. But what if there are other ways to think about evangelism?

How Can I Help Anyone Else When I Can’t Handle My Own Life? (3/13/22)

Have you ever felt like you had so much going on, or so many limitations that you couldn’t even bear your own burdens, much less help someone else out? Does that make you useless in the kingdom of God, or is there another way of looking at it?

Life is Hard in Different Ways Than We Anticipate

Life is hard in different ways than we anticipate. The things that actually trip us up often come out of left field. They are things we were looking right past or didn’t see coming. Rarely it is one thing, it’s a deadly cocktail of events that come together and somehow, we end up saying or doing things that we never planned on. We look back on it all and say, “Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming.” We carry the weight of our words and actions that feel heavy, dark, and shameful. There is something cathartic about hearing the words, “You are forgiven.” while receiving the symbol of that forgiveness. We need it more than we can say.

How God Adjusts Our Gag Reflex (4/4/22)