Faith & Doubt Sermon Series

Faith & Doubt: Introduction to Series (4/23/23)

Part 1

We Need an Invisible Hand to Guide Us (5/7/23)

Part 2.

What’s Underneath All That Doubt? (5/14/23)

Part. 3.

When the Bible is Used to Hurt People (5/21/23)

Part 4

Getting the Bible Right? (5/28/23)

Part 5

How Does Our Understanding of Repentance Affect Our Faith & Doubts? (6/4/23)

Part 6

Did That Bible Story Really Happen? (6/11/23)

Part 7

Genesis & Science

Part 8

Six Different Views of Creation that Christians Hold

Part 9

When Bad Things Happen & It Feels Like God Is a No Show

Part 10

When Tragedies Strike or Evil Happens…. (7/9/23)

Part 11

Identifying the Voice of Shame (7/16/23)

Part 12

New Doesn’t Alway Equal Better: Historic Orthodoxy (7/23/23)

Part 13

There Is No Forecasting God (8/20/23)

Part 14

We All Put God in a Box [In One Way or Another] (3/19/23)

Backwards Learning in the Kingdom of God (3/5/23)