Racial Reconciliation (2020)

With One Voice (6/7/20)

Scapegoats & the Image of God (6/14/20)

Racial Reconciliation: Part One (7/5/12)

This is part one of a three part series. Please make sure to watch them in sequence, and take the time necessary to meditate and pray through the material. Part 2 and 3 coming soon!

Racial Reconciliation: Part Two (7/5/12)

Here’s Part Two! You don’t have to wait until next Sunday. Go ahead an watch this one now! Please make sure you have already watched Part One. This short history of systemic racism is a very brief introduction to the pain that systemic racism has caused in our world. This video is by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales.

Racial Reconciliation: Part Three (7/12/20)

Please make sure you have already taken the time to watch and chew on Parts One and Two before watching Part Three.

Historic Sermon: The Last Sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (12/27/20)

We are taking a few Sundays to listen to important voices from the wider church. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached this last Sunday sermon on March 31,1968. This sermon is not only historic, MLK’s words are just as relevant and necessary today as in 1968. You will notice that parts of this video has images that have been added in. Because of copyright laws those images have not been removed. The video has been shared here, as is.

Terry LeBlanc: First Nations Culture & Christianity (1/3/21)

Happy New Year! This is our second Sunday of listening to voices from the wider church. Terry is Mi’kmaq / Acadian. His resume is long, so we’ll start with a detail you may be familiar with. Terry has served as adjunct professor at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He is the founding chair of North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies. Terry has taught in many colleges and universities, and is an author. He has spent 38 years working with native North Americans and in global Indigenous contexts as an educator in theology, cultural anthropology, and community development.

In this sermon, Terry addresses the pain that Christians caused through the historic residency schools of the reservations of Canada and the United States. Many first nations children were stripped of tribe, family, language, their sacred hair, and even their given names. Some children grew up in residency schools thinking that their given name was a number. Terry’s is a voice of reconciliation to this painful history.