Spiritual Exercises, Rhythms, & Practices

Right now we need experiences with God that are real and tangible (sight, sound, touch, taste). So much of life has moved online. We need God to meet us beyond our screens. We need spiritual rhythms for our daily lives that have had all sense of rhythm disrupted. We need connection with one another.

Below you will find introductions to spiritual exercises along with a guide to help you engage that practice every day of the week. You will see dates on the guides because we practiced these spiritual exercises together during January 2021, however you may disregard the dates and use them to help you connect with God at any time.

The Many Experiences of Silence (1/29/23)

Use this short reflection on silence as an introduction to your own spiritual experience of silence and mediation.

January 31-February 6: Art Prayers

In case you missed our Sunday gathering, here’s a quick introduction to the spiritual exercise this week:

The Sower, 1888. by Vincent Van Gogh. Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection Zurich, 49, Heritage Image Partnership Ltd.  See link.

The Angel Preventing Abraham from Sacrificing His Son, Isaac. Rembrandt van Rijn circa 1634-1635.British Museum, London. See link.

“Flight into Egypt.” By Henry Ossawa Tanner. 1923. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Margeurite and Frank A Cosgrove Jr. Fund, 2001. See link.

Artwork “Praying Hands” by Mark DeRaud.  Used with permission.

Artwork “Rage Flower Thrower” Beit Sahour, Palestinian Territories, Eddie Gerald.  See link.

The Return of the Prodigal Son, Rembrandt Van Rijn. 1636, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Bequest of Harry G. Friedman. See link.

“Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross.” African Pieta based on the work of Engelbert Mveng. Artist unknown. See link.

January 24-30: Outside Prayers

The Bible is clear in telling us that creation witnesses to all humanity of the goodness of God. The birds, the trees, the rivers, the mountains are all telling you something about the goodness of God….if you will pay attention. This is why over and over Jesus uses examples of creation to teach us something about God.

Below you will find an outdoor prayer exercise for each day of the week. They should only take you ten minutes (except Saturday’s exercise), and will be well worth your time. Note: The prayer exercise scheduled for Friday is anticipating a rainy day, however, if it starts raining earlier in the week, feel free to swap the Friday exercise for a different day of the week. Enjoy!

January 17-23: Good Form

In case you missed joining our all church gathering on January 17th, here’s the spiritual exercise we are engaging in this week.

For iPhone users, to access the Book of Common Prayer app click here and download the app.

For android users, or anyone else using the internet, the Book of Common Prayer can be accessed here.

Or simply click on the PDF prayer guide below:

All text is taken from Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove, and Okoro. Copyright © 2010 by Zondervan, HarperCollins Publishing. Used by permission of Zondervan and Wilson-Hartgrove.

January 10-16: “Eye Listen To You”

Hopefully you joined us on January 10th for our Zoom gathering, but in case you missed it here’s an introduction to the spiritual exercise for this week. You’ll want to watch this video, and then use the PDF below to find the spiritual exercises for each day this week. You’ll want to have a blank piece of paper and a pencil with a good eraser handy. This one is kid friendly!

Click the “Download” button below for your weekly guide to this Spiritual Exercise:

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